About Me

Hi! I'm Dan and I'm an adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

In my journey to better understand what's going on in my own head and body, I've learned some valuable insights about what is going on in ASD. I started sharing these insights on Facebook, and found a community of parents of autistic children. They were hungry and grateful for the explanations I had found through my research as to what is going in their children. I created Decoding My Autism in an effort to better share these insights, in hopes that it will help others understand ASD in their children, friends, loved ones, or themselves.

I don't claim to have the answers - what I share is answers to questions I have been finding, and it's all a work in progress. In the past, I've had (and shared) ideas about causes and contributing factors of autism, which further research found to be oversimplifications of what was going on. Further research may prove the same about the insights I share here, but these are the least stepping stones towards the truth. If my explanations seem to simple, bear in mind that I do try to put things in layman's terms, to help more people understand the research I've done.

A little about me academically and professionally. I've always been a nerd, with a lifelong interest in various sciences. I have an English degree with emphasis in Professional Writing. I also studied Engineering for while, which helped give me a more in-depth foundation in the sciences, like Chemistry and Biology, which has helped me in my autism research. Professionally I work in freight logistics, dealing with lost-and-found packages, tracking them down and/or helping get them back on their way again. 

On a more personal note, I am married to a wonderful woman and live in Utah. Brianna and I and are both nerds and spend our weekends going on adventures to museums, art galleries, parks, and gardens. Most evenings are spent as quiet nights at home, enjoying our mutual nerdy interests together, in pursuit of what we like to call "brain candy".

Brianna also serves as my editor, proofing pretty much everything I put on the site before it goes live

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist, counselor, mental health professional or doctor. Any advice I give regarding behavior or helping a child with ASD are purely my personal opinions based on my research and experience. If you wish to follow any of my suggestions regarding vitamins or supplements, I highly recommend you consult your doctor regarding dosage and whether it is the right course for you or your child.