Decoding My Autism

For a long time, I've tried to understand what goes on in my brain. Along the way, I've learned some things and made discoveries that have helped me live a better life.

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My Mission: Providing Answers and Help

I realized recently that I've never really written much of a mission statement on this blog. I don't have a polished mission statement yet, but I wanted to talk about the why of this blog.

As I've mentioned previously, I frequent some Autism parent support groups on Facebook. I read the posts to provide what insight I can in response to questions people have, and to also see what pains and challenges people go through and how I can best help.

My heart goes out to people as I read the daily struggles that autism presents for their child, themselves, and their family. I read about families that don't get sleep because the child doesn't, about the frustrated side effects of medications that are supposed to help but just make things worse, or about violent or aggressive behavior.

I read these posts and realize that there are things I know that could potentially help them - things I wish people knew, things I wish doctors knew. I often don't say anything, because the person is usually just venting and my advice could be unwanted.

Problems with aggression? Try zinc.

Sleep issues? Vitamin D, magnesium and zinc.

The kid won't make eye contact? They're on information overload.

And there's never a good opportunity to talk about this in Facebook comments, but autism also comes with an overactive stress response.

And so I blog about all these things instead, and say the things here that I want to say to the people in the Facebook groups. But in order for that to be effective, this blog needs to actually reach people. My readership so far is small, and I haven't yet reached people that could really change things, like doctors and other healthcare professionals.

So that's my current big goal for this blog. In addition to continuing to make quality content, I want to reach more people with my content.

So I'm going to be working on updating the design of the blog to make easier to find useful content. I'm also going to branch out into other content, including video, to help reach different audiences.

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read what I have to say, especially those that follow my blog.

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